Ahmed Shawqi Monument- Egypt
Ahmed Shawqi Monument- Egypt

Ahmed Shawqi (1368-1932) named Amir at-Sho’ara’ (which literally means the prince of poets), was one of the greatest Arabic poets laureate, an Egyptian poet and dram-atist who pioneered the modem Egyptian literary movement, most notably introducing the genre of poetic epics to the Arabic literary tradition. On the paternal side he was of Circas-sia, Greek and Kurdish descent, and on the maternal side of Turkish and Greek descent.

Raised in a privileged setting with Turkish, Kurdish, Circassia, Greek, and Arab roots, his family was prominent and well-connected with the court of the Khediye of Egypt. Upon graduating from high school, he attended law school,obtaining a degree in translation.

Shawqi was then offered a job in the court of the Khediye ADDEIS H, Wl‘liC|’I he immediately accepted.

After a year working in the court of the Khediye, Shawqi was sent to continue his studies in Law at the Universities of Montpellier and Paris for three years. While in France, he was heavily influenced by the works of French playwrights, most notably Moliere and Racine. He returned to Egypt in 1894, and remained a prominent.

It’s a great honour for Arabs that they have such a great poet in their history. They should be proud of them. Shawki’s work can never be forget by any single Arabian.

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