What if I were Kenyan?

By Ali Al-Aiyash… and the team

The Arabic Institute Insights Series

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that spontaneous joke has opened our eyes onto yet, another learner…

When we thought that we have just finished our research and were beyond proud of our findings, our Najib, an IT infrastructure specialist, just dropped by to say hi.

“Where do you I fit in, then?” he commented while nodding and laughing “I do not think I fit into any!” Referring to the Eastern and Western Learner categorising that we came up with.

I remember commenting “But you are no longer learner Najib, by now you can teach us, natives. You are way advanced!” and he certainly was. Najib Shaban has completed over 1700 hours of Arabic all by himself. Quite a record in learning any language not to mention Arabic.

But that spontaneous comment has opened our eyes to another learner, the African learner.

The numbers of The African Learner sample ahead of us draw an unbelievably beautiful picture with:

We felt that we were living a daydream when we got that report, it seems that we have found our perfect learner!

And so, we can do nothing but to continue studying and learning about and from the African learner along with:

Far-Eastern learner — with Korean, Chinese and Japanese samples

Far-Eastern Muslim learner — with Malaysian and Indonesian samples

Spanish and Hispanic learner — with Spanish, Portuguese, Mexican, Venezuelan and Cuban samples

Stay tuned!