Bazar Yagoub El-Mansour – Morocco

Markets of the Islamic cities are one of the greatest achievements of the Islamic civilization and are not to be found in other countries. At the time Islam ruled over a large part of the world, Bazaars had become a common feature of the cities governed by Islam. Economy and religion are the two principal pillars of the Islamic Bazaars, which symbolize their difference from other markets.

G7 Bazar Yagoup EL Mansour is the most versatile, modern and easily approachable market place of Rabat. It’s connected to Mall Road on one side, City to the other, and Railway station on the 3rd side.

Bazar is a crowded place is located in centre of city and there is lots of shops to sale everything u can imagine… visiting this place have two benefits: 1. u can find out lots of funny and useful stuff to buy in cheap price and 2. Visit a historical and vivid part of metropolis Rabat. Bazar has certain good looking plazas, banks, fun houses for children and has a few recreational parks for children and elderly.

Mansour Plaza is one of the most renowned shopping markets in G7. You can buy leather jackets, trousers and all sorts of garments, kameez salwar, khussas, sandals and all gents’ garments. If you’re looking for a pure traditional Iranian atmosphere, Tehran grand bazar is a good choice. There you can enjoy the Islamic architecture and traditional market including everything a human might need. Carpet, Textile, nuts… anything!

It is a nice place to see a traditional market of Rabat.

Part of The Annual Catalog 2013/14

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